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Tampa Carpet Cleaners Answer Your Carpet Cleaning FAQs

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Tampa carpet cleaners

As the top Tampa carpet cleaners, we here at Superior Carpet Restorations often get asked questions about professional carpet cleaning. Today we want to answer some of those questions so that you can feel more comfortable booking your carpet cleaning services.

Tampa Carpet Cleaners Answer Your Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How Long Does It Take For You to Clean My Carpets?

This is an unanswerable question for a number of reasons. The length of time it takes to clean your home carpets depends on how stained or dirty your carpet is, the type of carpet you have, the type of cleaning you have done… When our team of top Tampa carpet cleaners comes to your home, they will talk to you about how long they expect your cleaning to take as well as what you should or shouldn’t do during this time to keep your carpets clean and to help speed up the drying process.

Can You Remove All Stains From My Carpet?

Again, the answer to this question depends on the type of carpet that you have and the type of stain you are trying to tackle. Our professionals have a wide array of stain removing solutions as well as the tools necessary to get those stains out. We’ve tackled stains of all severities and all types, but once in a while, there are stains that are simply untreatable. These are stains in which the fibers of your carpet have been destroyed. For example, if you have dropped an iron on your carpet and destroyed the fibers through melting, there is simply no way to bring your carpet back to the way it used to be.

With more “traditional” stains, it’s important for you to call in a professional carpet cleaner right away. The sooner you get that stain treated, the less likelihood there will be of damage occurring to your carpet fibers.

How Long Will My Carpet Be Wet After Cleaning?

After a professional cleaning, your carpet cleaner will remind you that your carpet will be wet for a little while and that you should keep off it and keep furniture off it until it’s dry. The drying time for your carpet depends on the type of cleaning that you have done as well as the fibers and density of the fibers of your carpet. In most cases, it takes just a couple of hours for carpets to dry.

Won’t My Carpets Get Dirty More Quickly After Cleaning?

This is a myth. The truth is that when your carpets are clean, you will notice dirt very easily. Comparatively, when your carpet fibers are already dingy and dirty, you notice stains and dirt much less often because they blend right in!

Are You Looking For Reputable Tampa Carpet Cleaners?

If you’re looking for reputable Tampa carpet cleaners to come to your home and clean your home carpets, rugs, tile, or stone, we’d love to show you what we can do! Our team of professional carpet cleaners in Tampa has been serving the Tampa community for over a decade and our team can take care of every floor in your home for a price that you can afford. Just give us a call today at 727-286-7248!



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