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Tampa Area Rug Cleaning: Properly Caring For Your Oriental Rug

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Tampa area rug cleaning

As the top local Tampa area rug cleaning experts, here at Superior Carpet Restorations, we know the importance of properly caring for your Oriental rug. Unfortunately, many Oriental rug owners don’t and this results in damage to their rug. That’s why today we want to share some tips on properly caring for your Oriental rug.

Tampa Area Rug Cleaning: Properly Caring For Your Oriental Rug

All area rugs need proper care, but when you’ve invested in an expensive Oriental rug, it’s particularly important to care for it well in order to protect your investment. So, how do you care for an Oriental rug?

Use a Rug Pad

Many people don’t use a pad under their area rugs and instead, they use non-slip rubber mats. These mats do stop your rug from moving on the floor, but they don’t provide the comfort of thick rug pads and they don’t protect your rug from excessive wear and tear.


Like any other rug, it’s important that you vacuum your Oriental rug regularly to keep it looking clean and well cared for. The best way to vacuum your Oriental rug is, rather than using your vacuum cleaner as you would on the carpets in your home, to use your brush attachment and carefully sweep over the body of the rug. Avoid using your vacuum cleaner on and tassels or edges that could get caught or snagged. If your rug does have tassels or easily snagged edges, use a broom to gently sweep away any dirt from this area of the rug instead.

Know What Your Rug is Made From

It’s always important to care for your rugs and carpets properly based on what they are made from. For example, removing a stain on a wool carpet is not going to be the same as removing a stain from a rug with silk inlay. Make sure that you know exactly what your Oriental rug is made from and do your research to ensure that you use the proper cleaning method to remove the stain without damaging your rug fiber or material. You may also find instructions for cleaning or at least a cleaning code on the tag attached to the underside of your rug.

Have Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

At least once or twice a year call in a professional carpet cleaning company that offers Oriental rug cleaning services to have them clean your rug. This annual or bi-annual cleaning will help to prevent dirt from building up and damaging your rug or dulling its colors.

Know When to Ask For Help

If you have a stain on your rug and you’re just not sure how to go about cleaning it or if you have attempted to clean it using the correct cleaning method but had no luck, know when to throw in the towel. Call a professional rather than persevering and damaging your rug.

Need Professional Tampa Area Rug Cleaning Services?

If you’re in the Tampa area and need professional Tampa area rug cleaning services to care for your Oriental rug, area rug, carpets, or tile floors, Superior Carpet Restorations can help. Just give us a call today at 727-286-7248 to make an appointment with our technicians.



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