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Stone Floor Cleaning: How Not to Clean Your Stone Floors

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Stone floor cleaning is important when it comes to keeping your home floors sanitary, looking great, and maintaining the value of your home. The best way to ensure that your stone floors maintain their appearance is to have a professional stone floor cleaning company take care of the job for you. A professional company has the necessary tools and the right cleaners to keep your floors looking great without damaging them. If you do decide to try cleaning your own floors, however, here are a few tips that you should avoid…

Stone Floor Cleaning: How Not to Clean Your Stone Floors

Don’t Jump Right into Cleaning

When cleaning stone floors, it’s important that you sweep the floors clear of any dust, debris, or grit. If you don’t sweep first, you can scratch your stone flooring by moving the dirt, dust, and grit around the floor surface. These scratches don’t just destroy the surface of your floor, they leave grooves in your floor surface and scratch away any protective coating, leaving spaces for bacteria as well as dirt to stain and damage your floor surface.

Don’t Use Cleaning Products Designed For Other Surfaces

Stone flooring is unique and you shouldn’t use cleaners that were developed to clean wood floors, tile floors, grout, kitchen surfaces, or multi-surface cleaners when it comes to cleaning them. You should also avoid using homemade and natural cleaners that are recommended online – for example, vinegar. Many of these cleaners are too acidic or too harsh and will diminish the natural beauty of your stone over time.

Don’t Leave Spills or Dirt Lying Around

If your pup tracks in dirt or if you accidentally spill coffee on your way through to the living room, for example, go back and clean your floor right away. Stone floors can stain very easily and the longer you let any type of spill or dirt lay around, the more likely it is that it’s going to set in and ruin your stone floor.

Don’t Clean Without Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools First

From a broom to a vacuum cleaner to a mop, whatever phase of the cleaning process you are in, make sure that the tools that you are using are clean. Your broom should be free from any leftover debris, your vacuum cleaner wheels should have clean and intact wheels, and your mop should be completely clean of any cleaning solutions or debris. This will make sure that you don’t scratch your floor while you’re cleaning.

Don’t Let Grime Buildup in the Shower

If your shower floor is stone, be sure to clean and dry the floor properly after each shower. If you have a bamboo mat or other type of mat on the floor of your shower for safety, make sure that you pull that up after each shower too. This will stop soap scum from building up and prevent mildew from growing under your shower mat and staining your floor.

Looking For a Stone Floor Cleaning Company to Help Clean the Stone Floors in Your Home?

If you’d rather leave your stone floor cleaning to a professional, Superior Carpet Restorations can help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 727-286-7248 and let us know how we can help you to keep your home looking incredible!



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