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Is Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company Cheating You?

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Is your local carpet cleaning company cheating you? When you hire any professional service provider you want to know that you are hiring a reputable and trustworthy company. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. As a reputable carpet cleaning company in Tampa Bay, we here at Superior Carpet Cleaning often get called in to clean up the mess after clients get duped by less reputable companies. Today, in hopes of preventing you from being tricked like those clients were, we want to share some red flags to watch out for.

Is Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company Cheating You?

They Talk in Jargon

If you’re contemplating hiring a company and you ask them questions only to be met with the warp-speed fine print answer (you know, the one you hear at the end of commercials that hides a ridiculous amount of information), you should seriously question hiring them. Even worse, if this warp-speed is rife with technical jargon and when you ask for an explanation you get dismissed…RUN!

A company should be upfront, transparent, and willing to answer any questions you have BEFORE you hire them.

They KEEP Talking

Have you ever dealt with a pushy salesperson? You know, the kind that keeps talking AT you even though you’ve said “no, thank you”, “I’ll think about it”, “I’m just browsing”, or “I need time to talk it over with…” There is ALWAYS a reason that these people continue to bombard you with information and it’s almost always the desire to make a sale. If a representative from the carpet cleaning company you are considering treats you this way, walk away.

A reputable company should listen to you, make you feel heard, and make you feel like a valued client and not a source of money.

They Don’t Use Jargon

Yes, in the section above we mentioned that you should avoid a company representative that uses jargon, but there is a difference between a company representative that uses too much jargon or hides information behind jargon and one that knows the appropriate terms for their industry.

To put things in perspective, let’s look at an example…

You are interested in hiring a carpet cleaning company and you interview a few options.

The first option says this…”Due to the excessive staining of your carpet, we will have to use hot water extraction although the extent of blooming and rippling will limit the change you will see in your carpet’s health.”

The second option says this…”Your carpet is pretty damaged but we’ll use a special hot water cleaning and see what we can do.”

The third option says this….”There is a lot of damage to your carpet but we use a method called hot water extraction that agitates the fibers of your carpet to break down dirt and it should make a difference in the appearance of your carpet even though we probably won’t be able to bring it back to pristine condition.”

The first option uses jargon without making sure that you understand what is happening, this is questionable and makes you feel as though they have something to hide.

The second option uses no jargon and sounds amateurish and leaving your carpet in their hands would be worrisome at best.

The third and best option uses minimal jargon but makes sure to explain what that jargon means and they let you know what you can expect from their service.

Looking For a Reputable and Skilled Local Carpet Cleaning Company?

If you’re located in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a reputable and skilled local carpet cleaning company, Superior Carpet Restorations can help. For almost twenty years we have been meeting the carpet cleaning needs of Floridians and we’d be honored to serve you too. To make an appointment with our skilled technicians or just to find out more about our services pick up the phone and give us a call today at



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