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Carpet Cleaning Machine: What You Should Know About Rental Machines

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What do you really know about that carpet cleaning machine that you’re thinking about renting to clean your home carpets? We’ve all seen them, those huge display shelves with oversized, difficult to use rental carpet cleaning machines. They seem convenient and they’re certainly cheaper than buying your own carpet cleaner and many times they’re cheaper than having professionals do the job…but there are some things that you should know about those cleaners…

Carpet Cleaning Machine: What You Should Know About Rental Machines

They’re Not Made With Your Carpet in Mind

Carpets can be made from all kinds of fibers and colored with all types of dyes and depending on what your carpet is made from, the right cleaning method can vary. A professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge needed to ensure that your carpet is cleaned properly. Unfortunately, those rental carpet cleaners don’t take the individual characteristics of different carpet types into account which means that when you’re using one of these cleaners to get the grime out of your carpet, you’re risking ruining your carpet for good! You could find that the stain won’t come out with the cleaner you rent, but worst-case scenario, you could find that your carpet fibers are destroyed and you have a flat spot, puckering of fibers, pulled fibers, bleached spots, or even holes!

They Don’t Have Enough Suction

The professional carpet cleaners that companies like ours use are made for regular and heavy use. These cleaners have a high amount of suction to ensure the best clean possible but also to keep up with the amount of use that these vacuums see. Unfortunately, those rental carpet cleaners don’t have the same amount of suction and durability because these characteristics are what make those machines so expensive. So, when you rent that affordable carpet cleaning machine, you are getting a poor functioning carpet cleaner that is going to leave dirt and debris in your carpet and make it much harder to remove all cleaning solution from your carpets during cleaning.

Questionable Cleaning

We’re not talking about the ability of the carpet cleaner to clean your carpets here, we’re talking about the actual cleaning and sanitizing of the machine itself. Now, you have some idea of what you’re cleaning from your carpets when you rent those machines, but do you know what other people are cleaning with it? Yes, these carpet cleaning machine rental companies are supposed to sanitize the machine properly between uses, but just how well do they sanitize them? Just a quick wipe down isn’t going to do enough to protect your home and your family from the whole range of bugs, bacteria, and viruses out there!

Looking For An Alternative to that Carpet Cleaning Machine?

If you’re looking for an alternative to that oversized rental carpet cleaning machine that doesn’t have all of these issues, we invite you to give us a call at 727-286-7248 today! Here at Superior Carpet Restorations, we have been servicing the Tampa Bay community since 2000 and can meet your every carpet and floor cleaning need.



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