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Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Mold? Answering Your FAQ’s

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can carpet cleaning get rid of mold?

Can carpet cleaning get rid of mold? It’s a question that gets asked pretty frequently but the answer isn’t always the same. As a top carpet cleaning company in Tampa Bay, here at Superior Carpet Restorations, we are no strangers to these types of questions and today we’re going to tackle this one!

Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Mold?

Before We Answer “Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Mold?”, How Does Mold Set Into Your Carpet?

All it takes is for mold spores to land on a damp piece of dirty carpet and mold can set in. For as long as these mold spores have access to moisture and food (minerals, sugars, etc. that may be in your dirty carpet), they can continue to grow and spread.

Why Should You Care About Moldy Carpet?

Mold in your carpet causes a number of problems.

  • Mold causes a variety of health problems particularly for those with respiratory illnesses like asthma.
  • Mold can cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive or compromised immune systems.
  • It smells!
  • Mold can spread – including spreading to your floorboards!
  • Mold compromises the air quality in your home.
  • Mold left untreated can compromise the structure of your carpet fibers.
  • Mold is unsightly.

But Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Mold?

So, can carpet cleaning get rid of mold? Well, yes and no.

Depending on the tools and products that you use to clean your moldy carpet, you can either make your mold problem much worse or get rid of it. For this reason, it’s always recommended that you contact a reputable Tampa carpet cleaners company to do the job for you. Why leave the job to the professionals?

Firstly, different carpets are made from different types of materials and how these materials are treated depends on what the carpet is made of. Using the wrong cleaning product or cleaning method on your carpet won’t just leave you with a moldy carpet, it can also ruin your carpet fibers completely! A professional carpet cleaner is familiar with the different types of carpet fiber and which cleaning products can safely be used on each.

Secondly, in order to completely remove mold from your carpet, it’s important that you eliminate all mold spores. Using the wrong type of cleaning product or cleaning inefficiently can mean missing mold spores and allowing the mold problem to return shortly after cleaning.

Thirdly, not all mold is created equal. Different types of mold require different treatment approaches to eliminate them and a reputable Tampa carpet cleaning company has the knowledge and tools to take care of the problem for you!

Need the Help of Professional Carpet Cleaners in Tampa Bay?

Whether you’re one of the people asking “can carpet cleaning get rid of mold?” or whether you’re simply in need of a deep carpet clean, Superior Carpet Restorations can help! We have a full team of professionals with years of experience in deep cleaning carpet, tile, grout, hardwood, upholstery, fine fabric cleaning, and much more! Give us a call today at 727-286-7248 for a free estimate on the services that you need!



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