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Brandon Carpet Cleaning: Why DIY Machines Are a Bad Idea!

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Brandon Carpet Cleaning

As a top Brandon carpet cleaning company, we here at Superior Carpet Restorations know everything there is to know about carpet cleaning. That’s why we think it’s important for you to know just how bad DIY carpet cleaning machines can be for your carpets.

Brandon Carpet Cleaning: Why DIY Machines Are a Bad Idea!

DIY carpet cleaning machines are easy to come by and cheaper to use than buying your own carpet cleaning machine. The problem is, however, that those DIY carpet cleaners are not the best solution for your home carpets and let us tell you why…

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Aren’t Designed With Your Carpets in Mind

When it comes to carpets, not all carpets are made of the same materials. For example, carpets can be made from wool, polypropylene, nylon, and polyester. These different types of fibers all require different methods of cleaning based on the structure of the fiber. For example, polyester fibers are easily crushed which means that cleaning a polyester carpet with a clumsy carpet cleaning machine can result in a permanently flattened carpet.

Having a professional carpet cleaner come in to clean your home carpets means having a professional who knows what type of fiber your carpet is made from so that they can use the right tools and the right amount of pressure to clean them.

DIY Carpet Cleaners Don’t Always Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

DIY carpet cleaners use carpet cleaning solutions that are designed for the carpet cleaning machine rather than the type of carpet you have. This causes problems because different carpet fibers react differently to different cleaning solutions. For example, saturating a wool carpet with cleaning solution is a terrible idea because it will soak up the water and become oversaturated.

A professional carpet cleaning company has a full range of carpet cleaning solutions that can treat stains on all varieties of carpet fibers. This means that stains are going to be removed more easily and your carpet won’t be ruined in the process.

Not All Stains Can Be Cleaned Using a DIY Carpet Cleaning Machine

Most people think that a carpet cleaning machine can be used to clean any stain that they have on their carpets, but this isn’t the case. In addition to different carpet fibers requiring different methods of cleaning and different cleaning solutions, different stains require treating in different ways. For example, bloodstains on a wool carpet should not be treated in the same way as oil stains on a nylon carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner can take a look at the type of carpet you have as well as the stain you are trying to remove. With this information, they can get the stain lifted completely and leave your carpets looking clean and undamaged.

Looking For a Professional Brandon Carpet Cleaning Job?

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpets cleaned without damaging your carpet fibers, Superior Carpet Restorations can help.



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